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Dance Parties!
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22nd Mar 2014

Dance Parties

Dance Parties was actually one of the first events that Gryffindor started as a guild. We noticed that not a lot of people would talk to each other in-game or there really was not that much activity. Being a bunch of friends in an apartment we all gathered in the square and pumped up some dubstep and started dancing for fun. People noticed and some even joined us. We realized that this would be an awesome way of recruiting! 

We have dance recruiting parties every weekend at randomly picked times. We aim for around 6:00 Central time. Please join in with us and play your favorite dance music! Its a fun time to get to know each other and a great way for people to get to know our guild. Think of it as a dancing meet N' greet!

We are working on making a guild dance playlist on youtube but until then, here are a few of our favorite songs to dance to in the game 

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...

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