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Professor Sorora 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Apr 2014
C3 Launch

Hello everyone! We have officially made a chat vent for our guild Gryffindor! please if you have yet to do so, download C3  HERE

Here I have provided steps to get C3 working properly. Reminder that this chat system IS IN BETA. So there might be a few kinks to work out.

    1. Download C3. If download does not start automatically, please check the bottom of the download page and manually click download. 2. After download is complete, be sure to right click the C3 icon and run as administrator. 3. After you run it look up Sorora, befriend me and please POST YOUR name in the comments below, because I will not actually be notified when you friend me. (Everyone has to add each other manually.  I will post a list of players and usernames to add each other.)4. Go to my profile and look up Gryffindor Tower. 

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